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Where to spend 24 hours in Tagaytay, Philippines

Tagaytay is located at the south of Manila and it was only 55 km away from the capital city of the Philippines. It has 62,030 (2010) population with the total land area of 66.1 km2 (26 sq mi) and only about 4.37% of the total land area of the Province of Cavite. The elevation of the land is 634 m above sea level compared to the same height of Tokyo Skytree 634 m that cost about 65 billion JPY.

Considering the height of Tagaytay City it overlooks the Taal Volcano and Taal lake from almost any part of the City. It become one of the prominent tourist spot among the residence of Manila because of its mild climate with an average of 24 oC (75 oF). In year 2015, the Department of Tourism point out that Tagaytay is the top tourist destination in the Calabarzon region within passed few years. It was considered as the second Summer capital of the Philippines apart from Baguio as the number one. The word Tagaytay is the Tagalog word of "ridge" meaning a long, narrow elevation of land.

To summarize it-- on how it became genuinely popular is because of its panoramic view of Taal volcano and the elevation of place that brings cold weather through out the day.

1. Picnic Grove

At the top of my list is Picnic Grove where it is the most visited site around Tagaytay. Most of the tourist goes here because it is an ideal place for family picnic where you can enjoy the scenic view of Taal Lake. I highly recommend Picnic grove for family bonding and for the children who can do plenty of activities from Horseback riding, Zipline and kite flying. It is a perfect place to spend the whole morning for your kids to teach them how to fly a kite and to have small gathering afterwards.

During the Peak seasons, the Picnic Grove is susceptible from the crowd as it was one of the leading destination in Tagaytay. I suggest not to expect much over Peak season because of the small staff they got and please don't complain about the trash it's not from the place or from the staff-- it is from the people who visited the area. After all the place is great for family getaway and enough to accommodate everybody even if you are on a small budget.

Picnic Grove Entrance Fee
Picnic Grove Entrance Fee and Cottage Fee.
Picnic Grove Taal Volcano
Enjoying the beautiful scenery of Taal Volcano and Zipline.
Picnic Grove Stone hut
Old Stone hut near the Picnic Grove bridge.

2. People's park in the sky

The second place to go is People's park in the sky or simply People's Park. During the time of Marcos' Era the 10th President of the Philippines, the construction of this place started in 1981 under his administration and it was named as The Palace in the Sky. Unfortunately, it became unfinished mansion due to the changes and circumstances of his administration. Despite of what happen-- the place stands still and it turns into attraction nowadays. The people called it as People's Park and become one of the best sightseeing in Tagaytay.

What to expect when you go to People's park? At the main gate outside the People's park you can indulge from few stores where they cook simple house dishes. They also have different stores that sells the same thing from seasonal fruits, honey and souvenirs. Try to haggle from them because based on my experience I just asked for the last price of raw honey and they give it to me for Php. 80 from Php. 120 selling price like a pro which is reasonable. Inside the People's park they also have stores that sells souvenir from T-shirt, hats and keychain. Overall the place is a perfect moment for relaxation and a sit talk conversation while admiring the top view of Tagaytay.

People's Park in the Sky Entrance Gate
At the entrance of People's Park in the Sky fees are collected before entering.
Taal Lake
A beautiful landscape from the top of People's Park in the sky and the shoreline of Taal Lake.

3. Residence Inn

Surely, anyone of us can enjoy Residence Inn with its sanctuary place for the animals. Horseback ridding is on the outside and you can easily notice it before entering the Residence Inn. After paying for the entrance fee you might get thrilled entering the first room that has a creepy exotic animals. At the end of that room you will cheerfully feel the cold breeze of Tagaytay after seeing the view of Taal lake. You can also enjoy riding on the Cable car and Zipline to maximize the experience.

Service Van Residence Inn
Service Van of Residence Inn going to Paradizoo.
shoreline of taal lake
Stunning view of Taal Volcano.
cable car from residence inn
Cable Car from Residence Inn.

4. Paradizoo Farm

In Paradizoo Farm we got the package entrance fee from Residence Inn for about Php. 300 including the service van going to Paradizoo. After reaching the place you will feel that you are far away from civilization wherein it is a peaceful place. The whole vicinity can occupy everyone because of its wide surroundings. This is the traditional Farm and most of the animals are free to roam around. They also have gardens from floral garden to vegetable fields and at the back of the vicinity there's a picnic place along with meditation area. You can also go to the Nipa hut, Green house, goat house, Noah's ark, Pet Cemetery and butterfly Garden. I would say that this place is a paradise for animals and a big farm that has everything in one place.

Paradizoo Farm Entance Signage
Paradizoo Farm Signage after the entrance.
Paradizoo Farm's Vicinity Map
Paradizoo Farm's Vicinity Map at the coffee house.
Painted art paradizoo farm
Painted art of small storage house from Paradizoo Farm.
Animals from Paradizoo Farm
Tame animals roaming around Paradizoo Farm.

Genesis Bus Terminal
Pasay - Olivares Plaza / Rutonda
ETD 06:00 - ETA 07:30
Touchpoint Jeep Terminal
Touchpoint - Picnic Grove
ETD 07:30 - ETA 07:50
Picnic Grove Exit Gate Jeep
Picnic Grove - People's Park
ETD 10:00 - ETA 10:20
Infront of People's Park Jeep
People's Park - Down Hill Terminal
ETD 13:00 - ETA 13:10
Down Hill Terminal Jeep
Down Hill Terminal - Olivares
ETD 13:10 - ETA 13:40
Olivares Plaza / Rutonda Jeep
Olivares - Residence Inn
ETD 13:40 - ETA 14:20
Residence Inn Service Bus
Residence Inn - Paradizoo
ETD 16:00 - ETA 16:30
Paradizoo Trike
Paradizoo - 711 at town going up hill
ETD 18:00 - ETA 18:15
711 at town Bus
711 at town - Manila
ETD 18:15 - ETA 8:00

Adventure Cost
Destination Amount
Bus - From Pasay To Tagaytay 78
Breakfast 50
Jeep - Olivares to Picnic Grove 8
Picnic Grove Entrance 50
Jeep - Picnic Grove to People's Park 8
Lunch 90
People's Park Entrance 30
Jeep - People's park to down hill 7
Jeep - Down hill to Olivares 16
Jeep - Olivares to Residence Inn 16
Residence Inn Entrance 300
Service Van to Paradizoo 0
Paradizoo Entrace 0
Tricycle - Paradizoo to 711 Store (Town) 12
Bus - 711 Store - Manila 130
Total 795

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