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4 Day Trip for Davao Philippines

      Once you arrived in Davao City you can easily distinguished the difference of the City among the other cities around the Philippines. From what I've seen, the people of Davao City are completely aware of practicing the regulations and ordinance. During our way to Chinatown I was slightly surprised knowing that every streets are almost free from any plastic waste and it was very rare to spot a beggar to lend a hand. Compared to Binondo's Chinatown, Davao's Chinatown was the biggest one in the Philippines in term of land area. Considering that the Chinatown is a big market place for everybody-- they can still manage to make it cleaner and safer. I could say that every street of Davao City is a complete opposite of Metro Manila were rules are strictly followed.

Francisco Bangoy International Airport.

Highway in front of Lon Wa Buddhist Temple.
Well maintained Chinatown and one of the biggest in the Philippines.
Here is my experience with my two companions and one newly friend (host) from Couchsurfing where we stayed for a couple of days.

To begin with, our tickets were bought one year earlier from Cebu Pacific that only cost for Php. 1,000. The tickets is inclusive of back and forth from Manila to Davao and then Davao to Manila. Our preparation is entirely long and I wasn't able to-- separately save money from my income, so my personal savings has to suffered. I bought only 6k and a reserved money from my RCBC cash card.

Host's house in Tigatto.

Early wake up time for breakfast.
The other companion of mine at the edge.

Isla Reta, Samal Island
The shore is covered with white sand that's almost like a baby powder. we arrived at 6:00 PM  and it was Friday. The entire beach is free and we only sees two tents with a light on it that circles around the tent. Before that I had a great conversation with another passenger who tag along with us. He lives behind the resort and he offers us to visit his place. If I'm not mistaken his name is George Coronas and he is a representative of different schools in his town. While we were in search of snacks we intentionally tend to check out their place. Although he is not around but we were politely accommodated by his wife who cooks for us. she also bargain their own authentic coffee with a blend of cacao. She said that his husband owns a farm of cacao and it takes a week to produce the authentic coffee. So far we are glad that we found their place and to be able to bought a souvenir that would last for a week . I would say that it is a unique way to buy a souvenir at the same time you can share it with your friends and families rather than a cheap item from souvenir shop that costs a lot.

Kaputian Sub-Station going to Isla Reta.
Unfortunately the last pump boat during the day and the one that got away. :)

All you have to do is to leave and sail the uncharted ocean.
The silence of the appreciating the moment with a pump boat roaring.

The first night was amazing and we eat like we were never eaten before. The fish is so fresh and the rice is well cooked. During our stay we borrowed everything from the resort like the kitchen ware and they not even obligate us to pay in return. We rented a room and we just pay for additional guest fee because it is only good for 2.
During the bed time we had so many plans running into our mind for tomorrow's activity. We almost forget how tired we are and chatted a little bit longer.

First night at Isla Reta.
Early in the morning around 5'oclock I was awaken by a beautiful sound coming from the outside of the room. The sound looks like a whale passing by the island singing from the top of his voice. It was unbelievable waking up each morning hearing that kind of sound of nature.

We woke up early catching up the sunrise and took photos all over the place. The beach are widely free and the island itself was stunning. Big trees and leaves scattered around the white sand and a group of youth sorting it up from the sand.
Large trees around the beach.
Enjoying the sunrise at Isla Reta Samal Island.
Temporary tent near the shoreline for swimming activity.

Getting ready with my rented Snorkel from the resort.
Under water photo taken by Gopro Hero. Thanks to R n L.

City Tour
On the last day before going back to manila we decide to go city tour. I told them that I'm eager to visit some Buddhist temple and gladly I've convinced them. Fortunately we were accompanied by our host to show us around the city. She insist even though she's still coping up from yesterday's fever. We immediately left at their house early as 8am with a little bit sneak of davao river (that divides the city) at the back of their village. Then when we arrive to the Lon Wa Buddhist temple I was fascinated by the Buddha. It was facing the entrance and sitting at the center of the fish pond. We roam around the temple and most of the visitors are in red shirt celebrating the Chinese new year. We also witness some of the common rituals of kneeling down into a cushion with an incense sticks in their hands while repeatedly bowing their heads to the altar known as worshiping the ancestors. The chanting from the another room makes me feel at ease and relaxed even though I'm gasping through the words. Overall I feel blessed and energized to start the day ahead of us.

Cleaned river residing at the back of the Village.

Main Arc of Lon Wa Buddhist Temple.
A group of photos taken from the past years of Buddhist Temple and its community.
Dinning room of Lon Wa Buddhist temple.

Buddha Statue sitting above the fish pond.

From the Buddhist Temple we headed to the People's park and at the main gate it says that they will open at exactly 11am. We also noticed that some of the visitors are kept waiting from the entrance gate and luckily we were given the priority to enter the site because we were a tourist. Inside the park we enjoyed the picture taking moment with different statue from Hollywood stars to animated cartoon characters.  There's also a book library inside the park, a play ground and a benches that makes you feel comfortable with the birds landing back and forth on the ground.

We love Davao and thanks to the one who returned the favor of taking this wonderful photo.

Birds around the people's park.

A peaceful place to sit around and watch the day goes by.

Children's library inside the People's park.

A view of the place with animal statue.

Food porn that looks tasty.

Almost hundreds of statue around the place.

The one that caught me "The Farmers".

After People's park we decided to take our lunch at the Vista view Restaurant with a sightseeing of the city.

At the top of the city. Vista View Resto.

Sightseeing of the city above the Vista View Resto.

We also checked the Eden nature park and took habal habal going up from the main highway then tricycle going back. First of all I had terrible experience on it considering that we only intent to stay for a couple of hours and then the entrance fee is Php. 220 that cost Php. 880 for the four of us. So I decided to refund the entrance fee after hearing that their rides(recreational activities) are separately payable that cost Php. 150 - 300 especially the Skyswing that I really wanted to try. Overall I think the place is great although it cost a lot compared to Starcity and Enchanted kingdom from manila and If we only have enough time I think we might enjoy it.

Eden's Nature Park signage before going inside.
Eden's Park admission center.
Entrance Fee and Rides Fee at the admission center of Eden's Park.
Souvenir shop in front of Admission Center.
I think this is one of the exciting things to try. The Sky Swing.

Sky Cycle / Sky Rider.
Horseback riding enjoyable with toddlers at Eden's Nature Park.

After that we headed back to city proper to buy some souvenir stuff from Aldevinco for about 15 minutes hahaha and then rushed back immediately to the host's house from Tigatto. We hired the same taxi for both ways going back to Tigatto and then to the airport. We had our quick goodbyes and thank you for our wonderful host after we left and hoping to see each other again soon.

Once again thank you so much for the generous hospitality of you my friend Mae Pates for letting us
(strangers) to stay at your house and even lending the key. I'm glad that we have someone who knows how to cook and that you had enjoyed the meal.

This is some of my experience during our 4 day trip in Davao. Have you been in here? Tell us which part of your adventure you have enjoyed the most.

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